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   Hey! I'm Reign, owner of Reignforest Spices & Tea. I'll tell you a little about who we are in less than 60 seconds. (Start the timer...kidding). 


   Our goal at Reignforest is to provide you with unmatched customer service, gift worthy products, and life changing information. Simply put we want you to be healthy & happy, period. The fact that we have amazing teas n things is just the cherry on top. We also make sure you have the information you need to become the healthiest version of yourself. The important stuff, the "I wish I knew this 10 years ago", stuff.


   The Tea Bar is just the next step in the journey to problem solving. It kind of  sucks when you eat healthy at home all week just to have to grab something much less healthy when you're out on the go. Inserts solution here: Reignforest Tea Bar :- ) 

beautiful Lyric.jpg


   Meet Lyric, painter, musician, and most importantly my beautiful 9 year old daughter. Tea time is a daily part of Lyric's routine. She actually asks for it with a huge grin on her face. That's because it helps her feel better and regulates her emotional state. Lyric was diagnosed with Autism just three years ago, but my husband and I knew something was different about her long before that.

   We hated the idea of a label being placed on her, but finally we gave in and had her evaluated. We wanted her to receive the treatments that we knew could potentially heal her, i.e behavioral, speech and occupational therapy. Prescription medications however, were completely off the table for us, but more about that another time. 

   Since then, I've realized just how common this is amongst children in our area. My family and I understand first handedly how difficult it can be, so I decided we should do our part in some way to help others going through similar battles.  We will be releasing a children's herbal tisane that Lyric has aptly named "Waterfall Tea". This gentle, non caffeinated tea blend will aid in gut health, brain health, strong bones, and bring feelings of happiness and calm. Our hope is to become a donor to the Autism Society in honor of our precious Lyric.

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