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What's a "Tea Bar"?

Since announcing the opening of Reignforest, the most common response has been, "Oh nice! What's a Tea Bar?". So I figured it's definitely time to get the folks here in my home town up to speed with what is now one of the largest trends in the drink service industry. Literally, tea bars are popping up EVERYWHERE! I've always been a huge fan of traditional tea houses that serve afternoon tea or high tea. The china, the pastries, the flowers, I love everything about it. Tea Bars are similar, but with a modern twist and they don't typically do "traditional". Think, super cool coffee shop, with tea as it's main option instead of coffee.

Every tea bar usually has their "thing", a particular focus that they tend to highlight. Some serve tea and frozen yogurt topped with boba pearls, some have edgy drink names and bartenders who make drinks with alcohol and tea mixed, some focus on the science of tea brewing, with actual tea sommeliers offering tastings, classes and more. At Reignforest our number one focus is health, GOOD health! We make fun drinks that look good, taste good, and are good for you! We not only serve the best quality we can find, we inform you on what it is, what it does, and why it's important. I can't wait for you to experience our version of a tea bar and see what you've been missing. Til next time... Stay Royal!

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