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The Rose Society

The Rose Society is a sisterhood and charitable organization. It is an authentic alliance of women supporting one another while serving our community. The title is not given  to just anybody though, it must be earned. To be a "Rose" one must exemplify leadership, humility, integrity, confidence, discipline & class. A Rose must also have a deep desire to help others. She must understand the importance of each one teach one, thus leaving a trail of roses wherever she goes. 


A message from Reign

A Rose is a delicate balance of Beauty & Strength. We are of the earth, grown from the dirt and blossomed into beautiful treasures. Able to survive the harshest of winters and hottest of summers, we typically flower when we find our "light". Roses are not perfect, we have thorns, prickly and sharp that can hurt like hell when rubbed the wrong way...we developed those as we grew. We also have petals, soft and silky, that boasts a heavenly aroma, with the power to heal what's been tainted. Simply put, the rose is one of earth's greatest gifts. 

~Signed... a concrete Rose~

Are you a Rose?

Reign Roberts
President |The Rose Society

~Rose of the Month~

Back in 2019, once a week the Rose Society would celebrate an honorary "Rose" who had been nominated by her peers. We'd honor them with small tokens of appreciation and feature them on our website/sister sites with a short bio! We are bringing that energy back once a month starting January 2023! Below are some of the Roses from 2019. For information on how to be nominated send us a private message on Instagram @_therosesociety_.

Jasmyne Mars.png
August 11th, 2019 ROSE of the wekk!.png
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